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Dr.CheeKimThe Gates Vascular Institute (GVI), in partnership with the Jacobs Institute (JI) and a medical device company, broadcasted two lives cases to ten East African countries, including Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe, reaching over 30 physicians in mid- October. The virtual preceptorship broadcast, led by electrophysiologist Chee Kim, MD, FACC, was a step- by-step demonstration of the insertion of two pacemakers, a small device used to control abnormal heart rhythms, on two unique patients.

Historically, GVI physicians would travel to countries to provide training opportunities to local medical professionals. With recent advancements, teaching physicians are able to reach a wider audience creating a more impactful discussions based on the number of international physicians training and participating in the conversation.

“Modern technology is making it possible for medical professionals to collaborate, from all over the world, without ever having to leave their respective countries. This allows us to transform traditional healthcare into a modern healthcare platform providing new ways to improve patient care,” explained Dr. Kim when asked about the benefits of the broadcast.

Over the course of the two live cases, participants joined the broadcast via mobile device or computer accompanied with a chat room-like environment.  Dr. Kim described, step by step in thorough detail, the correct way to successfully implant a pacemaker while physicians in Africa responded with comments and questions.  A medical professional at the GVI fielded the questions during case, allowing Dr. Kim to respond in real-time to participants.

Through this virtual preceptorship broadcast, Dr. Kim and his team addressed potential real-life problems that may arise during the case while providing present solutions using their clinical knowledge and practice skills.

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